It’s done!

Today I finally finished my Ph.D. My defence was on Monday 22, and after some minor corrections, I submitted the final version. It bounced once because of a formatting issue, but today the library approved it and it’s all over.

I was here for 4 years and 8 months. I’m taking many good memories with me, it was certainly a good time! All the conference trips, the freedom to work or learn whatever you want, were without doubt the best of the “professional” live as a Ph.D. student. Also being able to manage your own time was a big big plus. You could spend time reading, learning stuff not completely related to your thesis, enjoy a bit of curiosity over different topics or fields.

I’m leaving Canada in a couple of days. Not for long though, since I won’t miss my convocation ceremony in mid June.

I’m going back to Chile to work in Akori. A company I founded together with an old friend from undergrad. It’s going to be an exciting and uncertain new experience. At times I’ll probably miss the flexibility provided by the academia though :-).

If you are curious about the thesis itself, it’s already available! Download it here!


  1. Jeremy says:

    What will you work on at Akori? Information Retrieval or Education (or both)?

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