Archive for May 2010

New Domain

I bought a new domain for my personal Web page and to host some projects (The blog stays at WordPress).

The main reason to buy the domain was to be able to mention URLs to source code in papers and be sure that I could maintain the URL for more than 2-3 years. The new address for my Web pages is

As I mentioned in the last post, I uploaded some of the code for the compact/compressed Web graph representations in, the next project I would like to upload is libcds, I’ve been working on the new version for quite a while now, as soon as I have that one I’ll create a Web page for the project and upload it here. The main reason for moving it is that I prefer to have a private svn server and publish only the final code on the Web, plus the option to build the Web page using the tools I feel more comfortable with.

New papers

I got two really good news after my return from LATIN. Our paper (with Gonzalo Navarro) about compact Web graphs representations was accepted for publications in ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB). This was one of the main results in my masters thesis. I uploaded some of the code and documentation related to our TWEB paper to .

The second good news was that the extended paper about Straight-Line programs (also with Gonzalo Navarro) was accepted into Fundamenta Informaticae. We included some new results. In particular, we gave an improved version for finding the most common substring in a grammar compressed text. Another novelty is an adaptation of our index to the case when the input is not a grammar but a set of rules and a sequence of (non)terminal symbols. In this case, expanding that last sequence, according to the rules, generates the text.

SPIRE 2010

I was invited to help in the organization of String Processing and Information Retrieval Symposium (SPIRE) this year. The conference is going to be held in Los Cabos, Mexico. The chairs are Edgar Chavez and Stefano Lonardi.

I’ve been to two previous versions of SPIRE, 2007 and 2008, both were a great experience, interesting presentations and a lot  of fun, except for the fines acquired for driving in Australia :-P.

The call for papers for this year can be found here or here for the plain-text version. The submission is due June 20, and given the schedule there is no room for any deadline extension.