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Disk Crash, Recovering Files and Doing Backups

About one and a half weeks ago I had a disk crash. I didn’t lose anything, but was pretty close, mainly because I deleted by hand an important file :-(.

It is interesting to talk about my disk crash because I faced many problems to bring my computer back. Luckily my notebook has two hard drives, so I’m up and running with the secondary one now, but to do so I had to clone the recovery partition. Then I copied my backups to my home directory, and in the process I deleted an important file, which took me days to recover. And finally, I wrote a small script to back up things. This script is not a program (there is no error checking or anything like that), but it shows how to keep an encrypted backup.

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Land of LISP and Lazy Evaluation

One of my recent read was “Land of LISP” by Conrad Barski. It’s an unconventional programming book, packed with comics. Most examples are tiny games you can code in a couple of pages. I personally liked the book a lot, it is fun to read and presents a language that, in my opinion, is also fun.

My experience with LISP is quite limited, so most of the things I found in the book were new to me (I knew how to define functions and basic stuff, but nothing about macros, only a couple of built-in functions, etc.). One of the things I liked the most was one of the examples for macros where the author presents a simple solution to get lazy evaluation. In the book, the author codes a game with some weird rules, and I don’t think I would learn much by just copying that example, therefore, I will use the same idea here but with our old friend tic-tac-toe. I have to warn you that the implementation I’m going to post is not a good tic-tac-toe implementation, you can probably find more challenging opponents. The main goal of this exercise is to illustrate the lazy evaluation. Having said that, lets get started. Continue reading ‘Land of LISP and Lazy Evaluation’ »