Some of the projects I’ve been involved because of my research are public to download in different locations. Most of the code is licensed under GPL license and comes without any warranties.


Libcds is a library that implemented compact data structures. So far we have only added static structures, mainly for sequences. The Web site for this project is, we have released some code and are working on the documentation.

Web Graphs

During my master’s thesis, under the supervision of Gonzalo Navarro, we developed some compressed representations for Web graphs. We have uploaded a subset of them to a site to make them publicly available. You can find them here.


A Succinct Xml Self-Index. It supports XPath queries and requires little space for the index representation, which also replaces the original XML file. The source for this project is maintained by Kim Nguyen and can be downloaded here. There is also a post regarding the data structures used for the representation, and another showing how to install/compile and use SXSI.


You can find other code (and some that I’m moving) in my GitHub page

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  1. Ed says:

    Hey Francisco,

    unfortunately, the LIBCDS website link seems to be dead. I hope you’ll bring it back alive!


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