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Text Partitioning

Today I saw this article posted in arXiv: On optimally partitioning a text to improve its compression Written by Paolo Ferragina, Igor Nitto and Rossano Venturini I found this article really interesting and nicely presented. The problem they focus on … Continue reading

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Drawings for Latex

Maybe many of you know many programs for drawing in Linux that allow you to embed the image in a \(\LaTeX\) document and at the same time use the math typesettings of \(\LaTeX\). I used to draw in Dia (dia-gnome … Continue reading

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Cooler address and Latex support

I just moved the blog with it’s old content to continue here, I got a much cooler url! Anyway, the main reason for moving the blog wasn’t the url, it was the \(LaTeX\) support :-), now I can type geekier … Continue reading

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Wireless Card Linux/Windows

I moved to my new place last month and the second thing I got was the Internet connection (first was the bed). My new apartment is small but has a *really* bad distribution of all the plugs in the walls. … Continue reading

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And I’m back…

Yes, after almost one year I’m starting to write again, or maybe starting to write, didn’t write much last time :p. A big difference now is that I’m writing in English. Why? Well, it has a very simple explanation. I’m … Continue reading

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Google Reader

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Google Reader. By this time I think I’m almost selling my soul to Google: Gmail, Google Calendar, this blog, and now, Google Reader. Still it’s a really great application, it saves me from … Continue reading

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