Wireless Card Linux/Windows

I moved to my new place last month and the second thing I got was the Internet connection (first was the bed). My new apartment is small but has a *really* bad distribution of all the plugs in the walls. Since I didn’t have any good way to connect with a wire my computer to the router, I bought a wireless card. The card is a TRENDnet TEW-421PC/423PI, which is really cheap and it’s supposed to work fine. My apartment is so small that it shouldn’t give any problems, yet it did. The connection did drop randomly from time to time, as always, the drops did occur on the worst moment possible. It did happen in Linux (Ubuntu 9.04 32 bits) and Windows XP, but my notebook was working fine (so I assumed it was the card and not the router). When I was about to take the card back to the place I bought it, I found a page that explained that you could update your driver for the card using windows update. That did work perfectly, and then the problem for Linux was remaining. What I did was to install ndiswrapper with the drivers that came with the card and then copy the file rtl8185.sys from the folder system32 (in Windows) to /etc/ndiswrapper/net8185/. Now my Linux works with the new driver too, until now everything seems to work fine.

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