MFCS 2009

I’m back after a while. During this month I took a week off and did a road-trip with Roberto Konow trough Canada. We went to Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. It was an awesome trip and then life went back to normal with work to catch up.

Now I’m in MFCS 2009, the first day already went by and I’ve had the pleasure to see lots of good presentations :-), that makes my panic mode higher since tomorrow I’m presenting the paper we submitted with Gonzalo Navarro. I’ve already uploaded the slides (and the preprint) to my Web page ( Also the hotel in which the conference is being held is great, I’ve already spent around 3-4 hours between the Sauna and the Jacuzzi :-).

I’ll post more about the conference as it goes by and I’ll try to post a small summary of the paper during the night.

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