LATIN 2010

I just got back from LATIN 2010, I was organizing committee and it was a really good experience. We got invaluable help from professors and students from UABJO.

The conference started with quite a few problems. To start with, many people could not make it to the conference thanks to a friendly volcano that left Europe uncommunicated. This forced us to change the conference program and a considerable number of talks were cancelled.

The second problem we had (Monday night) is that the UABJO university workers went on a strike. The conference was being held there and in Mexico you are not allowed to enter the place during the strike. The university gave us support and Alex Lopez-Ortiz managed to move the conference to the Hotel Victoria.

Besides those “little” incidents, I think the conference went pretty well (the recommendation comes from a person close to the organization :p). The talks I got to see were really good and I did really like many of them. The others I didn’t understand that much, but I think that’s normal in a broad conference.

I was also presenting a paper with Jeremy Barbay and Gonzalo Navarro about succinct representations of binary relations.

Those are all the news about the conference. About the place there is too much to tell. To start with, the people are friendly and cheering, which makes Oaxaca a really nice place to visit. I took a tour (after the conference) to some places nearby and got to see some ruins, swim in natural pools, drink mezcal. There is a lot to do and visit around. It would take too much space to cover it all :-).

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