New Domain

I bought a new domain for my personal Web page and to host some projects (The blog stays at WordPress).

The main reason to buy the domain was to be able to mention URLs to source code in papers and be sure that I could maintain the URL for more than 2-3 years. The new address for my Web pages is

As I mentioned in the last post, I uploaded some of the code for the compact/compressed Web graph representations in, the next project I would like to upload is libcds, I’ve been working on the new version for quite a while now, as soon as I have that one I’ll create a Web page for the project and upload it here. The main reason for moving it is that I prefer to have a private svn server and publish only the final code on the Web, plus the option to build the Web page using the tools I feel more comfortable with.

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  1. clover1987 says:

    congratz!! on everything!! .. It really doesn’t surprise me…
    It is really you hahaha =P

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