CSCBCE, WAA and Finland!

From May 20-22 we were hosting CSCBCE 2010 in Waterloo. I was part of the organizing committee so it was a very busy week. Everything went quite well, Bob (the chair of the conference) was able to get a lot of funding and that made everything in the conference much easier, and of course, the meals awesome! :D. I couldn’t attend much to all the talks/tutorials, since I couldn’t escape of my TA duties (wasn’t really away 🙂 ), but I certainly enjoyed the ones I could attend and met a lot of interesting people.

After that, on the 23rd I left to Helsinki to present the paper we wrote with Gonzalo Navarro, “Extended Compact Web Graph Representations”. It was published in Algorithms and Applications, a Festschrift for Prof. Esko Ukkonen for his 60th birthday. The workshop was great, with an interesting variety of topics. After it we went for dinner to a lovely place in the center of Helsinki :-).

I stayed here in Helsinki to work with Prof. Veli Makinen and part of the group on succinct data structures (Leena Salmela and Niko Valimaki). We have been looking at representations for the graph that comes from the overlaps in the sequences obtained during the genome sequencing process. So far we have some interesting results in practice and some pretty pictures on how this graph looks.

About the city itself, it is an amazing city, very alive and with all sorts of things to do (maybe because it’s summer now). I went for a walk on Saturday and ended up in a festival where a Chilean group was playing. It was an amazing experience, got to meet many other Chileans that live here in Helsinki and we ended up having a really nice party.

I guess that would be my report for now, on Sunday I’m going back to Waterloo and leaving again on Wednesday to Fredericton for a workshop on data structures for spatial data.

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