Coming back to my blog

I haven’t written in here for a long time. There are many reasons for that, lots of things to do,  traveling, and time. Yet, the most important one, I didn’t know what to blog about.

The main problem is not finding what to write about, but to decide what should actually go into the blog. So far I’ve mostly posted about my trips and papers, and that’s something one should do. If you don’t think people want to know about what you write, then maybe you shouldn’t have had written that paper in the first place :).

The missing part is the things I didn’t want to post. For example, talks and useful links I find. Or comments about books I read. After some thought I decided that I should also include that. So my new goal, copying from Alex Bowe, is to post once every two weeks.



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  1. Carolina says:

    Habla de lo bkn que es tu hermana!

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