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Note: This old post does not have pictures anymore, but Daniel, one of the creators of Qubity, went on to build Instagantt, you should definitely check it out!

Today I’m writing about something less technical. In fact, I would say I’m more kind of advertising something: Qubity. Qubity is a project/task management software developed in Chile, some of the people behind this awesome project are good friends of mine, and thus I decided to contribute with a little bit of publicity :-). I’ll try convincing you to try the system, in beta, by just telling you what it does.

Here we go!

Qubity’s interface supports only two languages at this time, Spanish and English. I’ve been using the English version and haven’t found any issues so far, everything seems to be translated already. The only exception is the welcome screen where you have to register. But once you click on “Crear cuenta” on the right side, everything else from there works in English.

Your tasks are organized intro workspaces, you can switch workspaces in the following menu:

Inside each workspace you have the following menu:

The dashboard allows you to post short messages and shows them by posting date (in reverse order), pretty much like your timeline in twitter without the 140 limitation. In tasks you can see the tasks associated with the project and in Gantt you get to see them laid out over a calendar. I really like this feature, it looks really nice and is much easier to get a feeling on where you are right now. Discussions is more like a forum, Wiki speaks for itself and Settings is where you can setup things about the project and invite people to collaborate in it.

The tasks you create in a project can be assigned to people in it, and the system offers two screens were you can see the tasks assigned to you, independent of the project they belong to. This is great when you are participating in many projects, since you know what you are supposed to be doing by just looking at one screen, without having to visit all projects.

As you would expect, the site is really dynamic, and in order to make your life easier without having to check everything all the time, they provide two notifications systems. One is to send you an email with new stuff regarding your projects (which can be turned off) and another is an in-site notification system that gives you the same information.

Like any beta system, there are still some things to improve, I’ve heard that the gantt screen will allow you to postpone all tasks for a couple of days (something really useful for me when I have something with higher priority come up in the queue) and the help system is off at this moment, but should be back up in a couple of days. I leave you with a screenshot of my gantt, hope you try the system :-).

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  1. Ellen says:

    While this looks like a decent program, I much prefer using Dooster for my online project management needs. It has a mobile app that allows me to access my projects and tasks from my phone or iPad whenever I need to.

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