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This blog was offline for a long time, about 7 years! I’ve spent now a bit of time trying to bring it back, with some success. I managed to get all content back, amazingly, the comments with it. The only thing I could not find in my old backups was some of the figures.

I’ll go through some posts to mark where things may not work, but other than that, I’ll just assume they are old enough to be happy with whatever I got back.

So now, for a warm up post, what happened in this last 7-8 years? LOTS! I’ll summarize in a chronological list, maybe I’ll dig deeper into some items later as separate posts:

  • Finished my PhD
  • Moved back to Chile
  • My girlfriend moved to Chile
  • Got a position as a professor at Universidad Diego Portales
  • Co-Founded an online-backup company called Cloner
  • Birth of my son
  • Invested time/money in a few startups that didn’t work
  • Birth of my daughter
  • Got married
  • Moved to the US and joined a startup
  • Worked at eBay

Those are the highlights. Now currently, I’m living in the Bay Area, and working at LinkedIn.

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