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Dicemath – a small Go service for keeping kids busy

I know this may not be the most fun activity for kids, but it turns out that my 5-year-old likes to do simple addition worksheets. Now that many of us are working from home with our kids, which is mostly … Continue reading

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After a while I can happily say that our SXSI system is available for downloading. Kim created a package that can be easily installed and tested. In this post, I include a step by step tutorial on how to build … Continue reading

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Yes, I’ve been lazy when it comes to writing here :-). I decided to go and write a short update on what’s been going on lately before going into my next post, which is going to take me a little … Continue reading

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Project/task management software – Qubity

Note: This old post does not have pictures anymore, but Daniel, one of the creators of Qubity, went on to build Instagantt, you should definitely check it out! Today I’m writing about something less technical. In fact, I would say … Continue reading

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Disk Crash, Recovering Files and Doing Backups

About one and a half weeks ago I had a disk crash. I didn’t lose anything, but was pretty close, mainly because I deleted by hand an important file :-(. It is interesting to talk about my disk crash because … Continue reading

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Land of LISP and Lazy Evaluation

One of my recent read was “Land of LISP” by Conrad Barski. It’s an unconventional programming book, packed with comics. Most examples are tiny games you can code in a couple of pages. I personally liked the book a lot, … Continue reading

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Some interesting links

Of course, the previous post does not count, so I have to start with something. Here is a list of interesting talks/articles that I’ve seen lately. Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover Points out some problems in math education, … Continue reading

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New Web/Blog, Why?

I updated my Web and my blog (it used to be @wordpress). The main reason to do so was to get everything in one place and to move from to The main domain redirects to this page and … Continue reading

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Drawings for Latex

Maybe many of you know many programs for drawing in Linux that allow you to embed the image in a \(\LaTeX\) document and at the same time use the math typesettings of \(\LaTeX\). I used to draw in Dia (dia-gnome … Continue reading

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Wireless Card Linux/Windows

I moved to my new place last month and the second thing I got was the Internet connection (first was the bed). My new apartment is small but has a *really* bad distribution of all the plugs in the walls. … Continue reading

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